From Our Stable to Yours: Celebrating Transformative Journeys with Draw it Out Horse Health Care Solutions

At Draw it Out Horse Health Care Solutions, we are driven by a mission to enhance the well-being of horses, fostering the special bond they share with their caregivers. As Thanksgiving approaches, a time to reflect on blessings and express gratitude, we are filled with appreciation for the inspiring stories shared by our valued customers. These stories reflect the love and care horse owners invest in their animals, and underscore the role our products play in improving the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Shadow's Comeback: A Story of Resilience

When Marissa's horse, Shadow, suffered a severe leg injury, she turned to our Veterinary Strength Liniment. The results were a testament to the product’s effectiveness.

"Our Veterinary Strength Liniment was developed to offer deep, therapeutic relief," our product development team explains. "Seeing its impact on Shadow's recovery is a testament to our commitment to equine wellness."

Bella's New Lease on Life: Alleviating Arthritis Pain

Tom chose our Liniment Gel for Bella, his aging mare struggling with arthritis. This decision marked a significant turning point in Bella's quality of life.

"Our Liniment Gel is designed to offer pain relief while reducing inflammation," our equine health specialist notes. "Bella's improved mobility and comfort are exactly why we created this product."

Max's Road to Recovery: Overcoming Muscle Strain

Sophia sought help for her showjumping horse, Max, who developed a muscle strain. Our DiO MasterMudd Equibrace provided the necessary relief for his recovery and ongoing training.

"Our aim with DiO MasterMudd Equibrace is to support the unique needs of competitive horses," our R&D team shares. "Max's return to peak performance is a proud moment for us."

George's Therapeutic Comfort: The Gentle Giant's Relief

George, a draft horse in a therapeutic riding program, found relief from his discomfort through our Concentrate, used as a soak.

"Our Concentrate is a versatile solution, especially when used as a soak," says our therapy horse care expert. "It's fulfilling to see it enhance the well-being of a therapy horse like George."

The Impact of Our Solutions

The experiences of Marissa, Tom, Sophia, and the therapy center with George highlight the diversity and effectiveness of our product range. From aiding recovery to managing chronic conditions and enhancing performance, these stories affirm our commitment to equine health.

A Community United by Care and Gratitude

The stories from our customers foster a sense of community and gratitude within the equestrian world. They not only showcase the efficacy of our products but also emphasize the importance of equine health and wellness in deepening human-horse relationships.

Science and Nature in Harmony

At Draw it Out Horse Health Care Solutions, our commitment to combining scientific research with natural ingredients ensures that our products are safe, effective, and tailored to meet the specific health needs of horses.

Innovating for Equine Wellness

We continue to innovate and expand our product line, driven by our passion for equine health and wellness. Our dedication to quality and safety positions us as a leader in the equine care industry.

A Global Community of Trust

As we reflect this Thanksgiving, we are especially thankful for the trust placed in us by equestrian enthusiasts worldwide. Your belief in our products and the feedback we receive from diverse corners of the globe is not only heartwarming but also a powerful motivator. It encourages us to keep striving for excellence and innovation in equine health care.

Expressing Our Gratitude

This Thanksgiving, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the equestrian community for choosing Draw it Out Horse Health Care Solutions. Your stories of healing and improvement are a constant reminder of the impact of our work. Let's continue to celebrate the advancements in equine health care and the role we all play in enhancing the lives of these noble animals. From our stable to yours, happy Thanksgiving.

Why SilverHoof?

Comprehensive Protection
  • Silver Hoof EQ Therapy® by Draw It Out offers a comprehensive solution for maintaining healthy hooves, providing protection against a wide range of microbial infections including thrush, foot rot, and canker.
Proprietary Hoof Conditioning Blend
  • The Hoof Conditioning Blend is a proprietary blend of key components, including Tea tree oil and thyme oil, which stimulate blood flow, assisting in the distribution of nutrients throughout the hoof and expediting hoof growth. This blend also creates a breathable moisture barrier that is both antibacterial and antifungal, leaving your horse's hooves with a healthy shine.
Promotes Strong Hoof Growth
  • This revolutionary hoof care product balances the moisture content of the hoof, supplying the necessary nutrients for strong hoof growth. It also improves dry, cracked, and chipped hooves, increasing hoof strength and pliability, and restoring and supporting flexible, healthy hooves.
Effective Antimicrobial Properties
  • Zinc pyrithione and Silver Nitrate are two key ingredients that address microbial infections at the source. Zinc pyrithione is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that disables the cell transport system in fungal and bacterial cells, while Silver Nitrate affects several aspects of microbial life, including DNA replication, microbial energy production, and oxygen use. Together, these ingredients provide a powerful solution for maintaining healthy hooves.