Why Wintergreen Oil?

As a horse owner, you want to make sure that your animal is protected from the environment, especially from flying insects like ticks, mosquitoes, and flies. That's why it's important to choose a product that not only repels these pests but is also safe and effective. Enter Citraquin Environmental Defense Spray by Draw It Out, a new equine citronella spray that provides all-around protection for your horse.

What makes Citraquin different from other products on the market is its unique blend of natural and safe ingredients. Unlike other sprays that contain pyrethrins, pyrethrums, pyrethroids, or industrial pesticides, Citraquin is made with a proprietary blend of essential oils, including Cedarwood Citronella and Wintergreen, making it a safe and natural choice for your horse.

Not only is Citraquin safe, but it's also easy to use. No mixing is required - simply spray your entire animal, avoiding the eyes, and you're good to go. The formula is also safe for use on open or pre-existing wounds and can be used in stalls or on sheets.

Citraquin is not only safe for your horse, but it's also effective. The natural herbal fragrance provides protection for up to 2 days and covers against a variety of flying insects, including deer, house, stable, horse, and black flies, ticks, mosquitoes, and gnats. The formula is also safe for use on dogs and other livestock.

In conclusion, when it comes to protecting your horse from the environment, it's important to choose a product that is both safe and effective. Citraquin Environmental Defense Spray by Draw It Out ticks all the boxes - it's made with natural and safe ingredients, easy to use, and provides long-lasting protection for your horse. Give it a try and see the difference it can make for your animal.

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  • Citraquin by Draw it Out is a natural, effective solution for promoting healthy skin and coat in horses.

  • The formula contains a unique blend of ingredients, including vitamin E, which work together to protect the horse from environmental toxins and pollutants.

  • Citraquin supports the horse's immune system, making it more resilient to infection and disease.

  • The spray is easy to apply and can be used regularly as part of a horse's grooming routine to maintain optimal skin and coat health.

  • Not Available in Indiana