SuperClean by Draw it Out®

Draw It Out Launches DiO SuperClean® Horse Stall Cleaner

Bio-enzymatic non-toxic triple-action formula safely cleans, disinfects, and degreases equine premises

December 30th, 2020 - Logan, UT - Draw It Out announces the launch of DiO SuperClean® Horse Stall Cleaner. The non-toxic, bio-enzymatic, triple-action formula safely cleans, disinfects, and degreases equine premises including barns, turn out shelters, wash racks, veterinary facilities, and horse trailers.

The chemical-free product, infused with orange oil, utilizes biological enzymes’ natural cleansing power. It safely, quickly, and effectively reduces and eradicates harmful pathogens: bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

“Horse owners, caretakers, barn managers, and equine veterinarians know all too well the pain and suffering horses can go through when they contract viral, bacterial, or fungal-related diseases. There’s also the lost days of training, missed competitions, and associated expense in treating each disease,” noted Jon Conklin, DiO CEO.

“DiO SuperClean was created to give the horse community an effective, chemical-free, and easy to apply product to help mitigate and eliminate the pathogens that can cause horses’ illness,” added Conklin. “Taking a few minutes to clean and disinfect with SuperClean gives peace of mind that you’re helping to keep your horses healthy and safe.”

Product benefits include:

Powerful all-natural biological enzymes to efficaciously disinfect, degrease, and clean   

Easy and automatic dilution with the environmentally-friendly 32 oz reusable spray bottle 

Convenient product application with bottle that attaches to a standard water hose

Pleasantly scented with all-natural citrus oil

DiO SuperClean Stall cleaner is available in a reusable 32oz spray bottle ($44.99 retail) and one-gallon refill ($110.99 retail).

Draw It Out SuperClean

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