Incorporating Draw It Out® GEL in the Management of Equine Wind Puffs


Wind puffs, also known as windgalls or synovial effusions, are common swellings found around the fetlock joint in horses. These soft, fluid-filled swellings arise due to increased synovial fluid production or joint capsule inflammation. Wind puffs are typically benign and rarely cause lameness or discomfort to the horse. However, they can be unsightly and, in some cases, indicative of an underlying issue. As part of a comprehensive treatment approach, incorporating Draw It Out® GEL can be a valuable addition to manage and alleviate the symptoms of wind puffs in horses.

Understanding Wind Puffs

Before delving into the role of Draw It Out® GEL in wind puff management, it is crucial to understand the condition. Wind puffs occur when the fetlock joint's synovial fluid production exceeds normal levels or when inflammation within the joint capsule leads to fluid accumulation. The swelling appears as soft, fluid-filled masses, typically located on the front aspect of the fetlock joint or sometimes on both sides.

Common Causes of Wind Puffs

Wind puffs can be the result of various factors, including:

Exercise: Intense training or excessive physical activity can strain the fetlock joint, leading to increased synovial fluid production.

Conformation: Horses with angular limb deformities or those with predispositions for fetlock hyperextension are more prone to developing wind puffs.

Trauma: Direct injury to the fetlock joint or surrounding structures can lead to inflammation and fluid accumulation.

Underlying Joint Issues: Wind puffs can sometimes be an early sign of joint problems such as osteoarthritis or synovitis.

Poor Hoof Balance: Incorrect hoof trimming and shoeing may create imbalances that contribute to joint stress and inflammation.

Genetics: Certain breeds may have a higher predisposition to developing wind puffs due to genetic factors.

Age: Older horses are more susceptible to developing wind puffs as their joints undergo natural wear and tear.

Clinical Signs and Diagnosis

Diagnosing wind puffs is relatively straightforward and is usually based on a physical examination. The veterinarian will palpate the fetlock joint, feeling for soft, non-painful swellings on both sides. In some cases, additional diagnostic tools such as ultrasound or radiographs may be employed to rule out any underlying joint pathologies.

Managing Wind Puffs with Draw It Out® GEL

Draw It Out® GEL is a topical equine liniment specifically designed to address inflammation and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries in horses. Its unique formulation combines natural ingredients to provide effective relief and promote recovery. When integrated into the management of wind puffs, Draw It Out® GEL offers several benefits:

Anti-Inflammatory Action: Draw It Out® GEL contains natural anti-inflammatory agents that help reduce swelling and ease discomfort around the fetlock joint. Its ability to penetrate deep into the affected tissues ensures comprehensive relief.

Promotes Circulation: By stimulating blood flow to the affected area, Draw It Out® GEL aids in the removal of excess fluid and waste products, hastening the healing process.

Non-Invasive Application: Draw It Out® GEL is easy to apply topically, making it a convenient and non-invasive treatment option for wind puffs.

Accelerates Healing: The natural ingredients in Draw It Out® GEL work together to support the body's natural healing mechanisms, helping the horse recover faster from wind puff-related inflammation.

Long-Lasting Effect: Draw It Out® GEL's sustained-release formulation ensures that the beneficial effects persist over an extended period, providing continuous relief to the affected joint.

Application of Draw It Out® GEL

When applying Draw It Out® GEL to a horse with wind puffs, it is essential to follow these steps:

Step 1: Clean the Area - Before application, ensure the fetlock area is clean and free from any dirt or debris. Gently wash and dry the area if needed.

Step 2: Apply the Gel - Take a generous amount of Draw It Out® GEL and gently massage it onto the swollen area around the fetlock joint. Use a circular motion to encourage absorption.

Step 3: Repeat as Needed - The frequency of application depends on the severity of the wind puffs. In mild cases, once-daily application may suffice, while more severe cases may require twice-daily applications.

Step 4: Monitor Progress - Regularly assess the horse's response to the treatment. If there is no improvement after a reasonable period, consult a veterinarian for further evaluation and potential alternative treatments.

Step 5: Follow-Up Care - As with any injury or condition, consistent follow-up care is essential. Reevaluate the horse periodically to ensure progress is being made, and there are no signs of complications or exacerbation.

Preventive Measures

While Draw It Out® GEL can effectively manage existing wind puffs, implementing preventive measures can help reduce the risk of their recurrence or development in the first place. Some essential preventive steps include:

Proper Warm-Up and Cool-Down: Ensure the horse undergoes a thorough warm-up and cool-down routine before and after exercise to minimize strain on the fetlock joint.

Controlled Exercise: Avoid excessive stress on the fetlock joint by monitoring the horse's exercise regime carefully. Allow sufficient rest between intense workouts.

Conformation and Hoof Care: Address any conformational abnormalities and maintain proper hoof balance through regular farrier visits to prevent undue stress on the fetlock joint.

Adequate Bedding: Provide sufficient soft bedding in stalls to reduce joint stress and impact during rest periods.

Dietary Supplements: Consider incorporating joint supplements into the horse's diet to support joint health and reduce the risk of inflammation.

Preventive Use of Draw It Out® GEL

Draw It Out® GEL is not only effective for managing wind puffs but can also be utilized as a preventive measure to promote joint health and reduce the risk of developing wind puffs in horses. By incorporating Draw It Out® GEL into a regular preventive maintenance routine, horse owners and trainers can proactively support their equine athletes' joint well-being.

Dosage and Frequency for Preventive Use

When using Draw It Out® GEL as a preventive measure, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice. The appropriate dosage and frequency of application may vary depending on the horse's age, activity level, and individual joint health needs.


Draw It Out® GEL not only serves as an effective treatment option for managing wind puffs in horses but also plays a vital role as a preventive measure to promote joint health and minimize the risk of developing wind puffs. By incorporating Draw It Out® GEL into a comprehensive joint care routine, horse owners can take proactive steps to support their equine companions' joint well-being, ensuring their comfort and overall performance.

As with any preventive measure, it is essential to consider individual horse characteristics, activity levels, and potential risk factors when determining the appropriate dosage and frequency of Draw It Out® GEL application. For the best results, always seek guidance from a qualified veterinarian to tailor a preventive joint health plan that suits your horse's unique needs. With proper care and the support of Draw It Out® GEL, horse owners can foster a proactive approach to equine joint health and help their horses lead healthier, more comfortable lives.

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