Keeping Soreness Away by #TeamDiO Leader Alissa Kelly

Keeping Stiffness Away

One of the first things we teach young horses is to flex and bend. As a horse progresses in training we ask them to bend in the rib cage. Fast forward to when a horse is “finished”, you will still need to work a little each day to keep a horse supple. There are a few ways to keep a horse soft and fluid in their movements.

Proper warm up

From the moment you get on your horse it is up to you to loosen your horse up. Spending adequate time walking, allows your horse to move and begin to get blood flowing within muscles. It never hurts to go back to the basics and start with bending and flexing. Walking several perfect circles each direction allows me to see if there is a side that is a bit more tense. I then move into side passing and making sure my horse is bending in the rib cage. Just remember to do every equally on both sides. I like to count my laps each direction while trotting. I then lope a few Laps and move into smaller circles getting my horses nose tipped to the inside. After loping circles I will open up my horses up a bit in the straight aways in a faster lope to let them stretch their legs a bit. By having a proper warm up you can prevent injuries and post exercise stiffness in your horse.

Stretching and Applying DiO

You never want to stretch a horse before the ride...

I save my stretching for after my ride. I will use cookies to make a horse bend around to their hips and I will also stretch front and back legs. You never want to stretch a horse before the ride, as you can over stretch something if it’s not warmed up yet. I then apply DiO to my horses legs and any area than seems tight to the touch. I like to spend time massaging my horses hamstrings and the shoulders especially where they tie into the neck. I like to consult with a chiropractor, which can help locate areas of concern so I can apply DiO before and after ride/run. After adding DiO into my daily routines as well as focusing on my horsemanship I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my horses overall movements.


Any time you can provide your horse with more forage and less processed feed, the better.

The past few years riders have become more aware of their horses muscle health. While some disorders are genetic, some like tying up, can stem from a horses diet. Taking a closer look at a horses diet, especially if you have one that feels muscle bound, may lead you to finding your feed is high in starches and sugars. Any time you can provide your horse with more forage and less processed feed, the better.

A horse without aches, pains and stiffness will be able to perform to their maximum potential. If you have a horse that suffers from arthritis be sure to be on the lookout for DiO's new full spectrum CBD infused product.

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