The Importance of Knowing the Difference Between Poultice and Liniment in Equine Care

Understanding the Distinction: Poultice vs. Liniment in Equine Care


Equine care encompasses a wide range of products and treatments aimed at maintaining the well-being of our beloved horses. Poultices and liniments are two commonly used topical applications that play crucial roles in equine healthcare. It is important for horse owners and caregivers to understand the difference between these two products and the benefits they offer. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of poultices and liniments, their specific characteristics, and their applications in equine care. Additionally, we will highlight two exceptional options: MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice by Draw it Out® and Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL, delving into their unique features and advantages.

Poultices: Promoting Healing and Reducing Inflammation

Poultices have been used for centuries as a traditional method of treating injuries, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing in both humans and animals. In equine care, poultices play a vital role in addressing various conditions such as hoof abscesses, swollen joints, tendon injuries, and hoof bruising.

Poultices typically consist of a semi-solid mixture composed of therapeutic ingredients such as natural clays, herbs, and plant-based extracts. These ingredients are carefully selected for their specific properties, including anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and soothing effects. When applied to the affected area, poultices work by drawing out toxins, reducing swelling, improving circulation, and promoting tissue repair.

MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice by Draw it Out® is a standout product in the field of equine poultices. It contains a unique blend of therapeutic ingredients, including Arnica, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Morinda Citrifolia, Manuka Honey, and Red Algae. Arnica is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Chamomile provides soothing effects, Aloe Vera aids in tissue repair, Morinda Citrifolia has antimicrobial properties, Manuka Honey supports wound healing, and Red Algae offers mineral-rich benefits. Together, these ingredients synergistically promote healing, reduce inflammation, and provide relief to horses.

Liniments: Relieving Muscular Discomfort and Promoting Circulation

Liniments are liquid formulations applied topically to alleviate muscle soreness, stiffness, and promote blood circulation. They are particularly valuable in equine care for horses engaged in athletic activities, such as racing, jumping, and endurance riding. Liniments provide temporary relief from muscular discomfort and aid in the recovery process following intense physical exertion.

Liniments are formulated with a combination of ingredients that provide a cooling or warming effect, depending on the desired therapeutic outcome. Common ingredients found in liniments include menthol, camphor, essential oils, analgesics, and counterirritants. When applied to the skin, liniments stimulate blood flow, soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, and offer a refreshing sensation to the horse.

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL is a trusted liniment option known for its effectiveness in addressing muscular discomfort in horses. While the specific formulation of Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL is proprietary, it incorporates an ultra-specific mineral blend and epsom salts profile. These ingredients work together to provide a cooling and soothing effect, promoting circulation and aiding in the recovery of tired or overworked muscles.

Differentiating Poultices and Liniments: Mechanisms and Applications

To fully appreciate the benefits and applications of poultices and liniments, it is important to understand the distinguishing features of each.

Application: Poultices are typically applied as a paste or packed onto the affected area and left to dry. The poultice is then removed, along with any impuritiesor toxins drawn out from the tissues. This method allows for localized treatment and sustained contact with the affected area. In contrast, liniments are liquid formulations that are directly massaged into the skin. They are easily absorbed and provide a more immediate and widespread effect.

Action: Poultices primarily work by drawing out impurities, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing in a specific area. They can be left on for extended periods to allow for continuous treatment. Poultices also provide a protective barrier that helps prevent further contamination. Liniments, on the other hand, provide temporary relief from muscle soreness and discomfort. They achieve this through their analgesic and counterirritant properties, which stimulate nerve endings and create a soothing sensation. Liniments also enhance blood circulation, which aids in the removal of waste products and promotes healing.

Ingredients: Poultices often contain natural clays, herbs, and plant-based extracts known for their therapeutic properties. These ingredients may include arnica, chamomile, aloe vera, comfrey, and more. These natural components provide anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and wound-healing benefits. Liniments, on the other hand, are formulated with a combination of ingredients tailored to provide a specific therapeutic effect. Menthol, camphor, essential oils, and other analgesics are commonly used to create a cooling or warming sensation, alleviate pain, and improve circulation.

It is essential for horse owners and caregivers to accurately identify the condition or issue being addressed before selecting the appropriate treatment. Poultices are particularly beneficial for localized injuries, abscesses, or swelling. They excel at drawing out toxins, reducing inflammation, and promoting healing. Liniments, on the other hand, are well-suited for general muscle soreness, stiffness, or fatigue. They provide temporary relief, improve blood circulation, and offer a soothing effect to the muscles.

Choosing the Right Products: MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice and Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL

MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice by Draw it Out® and Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL are two exceptional options that showcase the benefits of poultices and liniments, respectively.

MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice contains a specific blend of therapeutic ingredients, including Arnica, Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Morinda Citrifolia, Manuka Honey, and Red Algae. Each ingredient contributes unique properties that aid in reducing inflammation, soothing sore muscles, and accelerating the healing process. This poultice is easy to apply and remove, making it convenient for horse owners and trainers.

Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL, although not containing the traditional ingredients like menthol, camphor, and essential oils found in many liniments, is formulated with an ultra-specific mineral blend and epsom salts profile. This proprietary blend provides a cooling and soothing effect, promoting circulation and relieving muscular discomfort. The gel-based formula ensures easy application and deep penetration into the affected areas.


Understanding the distinction between poultices and liniments is crucial for effective equine care and management. Poultices are valuable for their ability to draw out impurities, reduce inflammation, and promote healing in localized areas. Liniments, on the other hand, offer temporary relief from muscular discomfort, improve circulation, and provide a soothing effect.

MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice by Draw it Out® and Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL are exceptional options within their respective categories. They showcase the efficacy of well-formulated poultices and liniments, delivering the benefits of therapeutic ingredients and specific mineral blends to address the unique needs of horses.

By understanding the characteristics, mechanisms, and applications of poultices andliniments, horse owners and caregivers can make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate treatment for their horses. Incorporating these exceptional products into equine care routines can significantly contribute to the overall health, comfort, and performance of our equine companions. Whether it's providing healing and reducing inflammation with MasterMudd EquiBrace Poultice or relieving muscular discomfort and promoting circulation with Draw It Out® Horse Liniment GEL, these products offer valuable support in maintaining the well-being of our beloved horses.

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