Draw It Out® Horse Health and Grooming Solutions Reveals Equine IceBath™ Cooling Body Wash and Brace

Proprietary formula infused with arnica and eucalyptus supports increased blood flow to relieve body soreness and inflammation

LOGAN, UT - December 28th, 2021 -- Draw It Out® horse health and grooming solutions reveals equine IceBath™ Cooling Body Wash and Brace. The product’s proprietary formula, infused with arnica and eucalyptus, supports increased blood flow to relieve inflammation and body soreness while easily and efficiently cleansing the coat of sweat and dirt.

“IceBath was created in response to customer demand for a non-drying bathing product made of natural ingredients that not only effectively cleans the horse’s coat but also supports increased blood flow to alleviate inflammation and soreness,” shared Jon Conklin, Draw It Out CEO.

“Increased blood flow means faster, more efficient healing and muscle recovery, which is important for all performance horses including hunter/jumpers, racehorses, barrel horses, breed show competitors, and cutting horses,” continued Conklin. “The formula is also infused with coat soothing eucalyptus. It’s perfect to use on horses with sensitive skin to help prevent and alleviate skin irritations.”

The brace and body wash is ideal to use after training or competition to cool down your horse. The formula features a crisp clean scent and is free of added fragrances and dyes. 

IceBath ingredients include cedarwood, eucalyptus, aloe vera, Draw It Out proprietary mineral blend, arnica, and thyme extract. The formula supports a natural approach to relieving pain and inflammation, soothing your horse’s skin, enhancing muscle relaxation, and effectively cleaning your horse’s coat.

The cooling wash and body brace is available in a 32 oz ready to use spray bottle and 128 oz refill. The spray bottle easily connects directly to your water hose. The bottle’s “rinse” setting is used to quickly wet the horse’s coat immediately followed by clicking on the bottle’s “wash” setting to apply the product. To achieve optimal results, leave the applied product on the coat for several minutes prior to rinsing.

The Draw It Out next generation equine health and grooming product line includes: ShowBarn Secret: Braiding Spray, Detangler & Shine, Sheen & Conditioner, Citraquin Environmental Defense Spray, IceBath Body Wash & Brace, Horse Shampoo with Lavender, SuperClean Stall Wash, Plus Horse Liniment, Rapid Relief Restorative Cream, Horse Liniment Concentrate and Gel formulas, MasterMudd Equibrace horse poultice, RestoreAHorse Miracle Salvem and SilverHoof EQ Therapy.

Product production includes rigorous third-party independent analysis and 3-step testing. The all-natural formulas are made with human pharmaceutical grade ingredients and are 100% USA sourced.

Find retailers near you using the Store Locator or buy Draw It Out products online. Click here to request a product catalog. For dealer inquiries, email sales@drawliniment.com or call 844-434-6462.

About Draw It Out

Draw It Out, a next-generation horse and dog health solutions company, was founded in 2014 by horse industry veterans including Jon Conklin, because they care about horses’ and dogs’ health and well-being. The owners recognized the need to redefine equine and canine health products with innovative all-natural, chemical-free, safe, and effective products. Follow DiO on Facebook, Twitter @Drawitoutusa, Instagram @drawitoutusa, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest. 

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