Grooming: Beyond a Pre-Ride Ritual, an Essential Aspect of Equine Care, and the ShowBarn Secret® Line of Products by Draw it Out®


Grooming is an integral part of horse care that goes far beyond a simple pre-ride ritual. It is a comprehensive practice encompassing various activities aimed at maintaining the overall health and well-being of horses. While grooming may appear to be primarily concerned with aesthetics, its benefits extend much further, encompassing physical, mental, and social aspects of equine welfare. This article delves into the significance of grooming and highlights its multifaceted nature, emphasizing why it should be regarded as an essential component of every horse owner's routine. Furthermore, we will explore the ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out®, a trusted name in equine grooming, and their contribution to enhancing grooming practices.

Physical Health and Hygiene

Grooming plays a pivotal role in maintaining a horse's physical health and hygiene. Regular brushing and combing help remove dirt, debris, and loose hair from the coat, preventing the accumulation of sweat, dust, or mud. Such cleanliness is essential to maintain healthy skin and avoid skin conditions such as dermatitis or rain rot. Additionally, grooming promotes blood circulation and stimulates oil production, which contributes to a lustrous and healthy coat.

To elevate the grooming experience, horse owners can turn to the ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out®. This specialized line offers a range of grooming solutions designed to address specific equine needs. The ShowBarn Secret® Shampoo provides a gentle yet effective cleansing, leaving the coat clean, conditioned, and vibrant. With its unique blend of natural ingredients, it nourishes the skin and promotes a healthy, glossy coat. The ShowBarn Secret® Detangler helps tackle knots and tangles, making grooming sessions more comfortable for the horse while leaving the mane and tail soft and manageable. These products exemplify how attention to detail and quality ingredients can enhance the physical benefits of grooming.

Bonding and Trust-Building

Grooming is an intimate activity that fosters a deep bond between horses and their caretakers. Spending time together during grooming sessions creates an opportunity for mutual understanding, trust-building, and companionship. Through gentle touch, soothing words, and a calm environment, groomers establish a positive association in the horse's mind, strengthening the human-animal connection.

In this regard, the ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out® can play a significant role. Their products are formulated with horse-friendly ingredients, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience. The ShowBarn Secret® Spray Shine not only enhances the coat's natural shine but also offers a pleasant scent, further enhancing the sensory experience for both horse and groomer. By utilizing these specialized grooming products, caretakers can create a positive and rewarding environment for their horses, deepening the bond of trust and understanding.

Enhancing Performance and Physical Fitness

Grooming has a direct impact on a horse's physical performance and overall fitness. Regular grooming promotes muscle tone and flexibility, as it involves a range of movements and stretches. Brushing and currying stimulate the skin and underlying muscles, promoting blood flow and loosening tight muscles. These activities help warm up the horse's body before exercise, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing performance.

In this realm, Draw it Out® offers a valuable addition to grooming routines with their ShowBarn Secret® Deep Penetrating Liniment. This liniment aids in relieving muscle soreness and stiffness, supporting the horse's physical fitness. The therapeutic properties of the liniment help soothe tired muscles, reduce inflammation, and improve recovery post-exercise. By incorporating the ShowBarnSecret® Deep Penetrating Liniment into grooming practices, horse owners can optimize their horse's performance, ensuring they are in optimal condition for training and competition.

Psychological Well-being

Beyond physical benefits, grooming has a profound impact on a horse's mental well-being. Horses are social animals with inherent grooming behaviors within their herds. By mimicking these natural behaviors, caretakers provide horses with a sense of comfort, security, and relaxation.

The ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out® recognizes the importance of the horse's mental well-being during grooming sessions. Their ShowBarn Secret® Calming Spray harnesses the power of natural ingredients to create a soothing environment for the horse. The calming properties of this spray help reduce anxiety, stress, and nervousness, allowing the horse to relax and enjoy the grooming process. By incorporating this calming spray into grooming routines, horse owners can promote a positive and stress-free experience, contributing to the horse's overall psychological well-being.


Grooming is undoubtedly more than just a pre-ride ritual. It is a holistic practice that encompasses physical, mental, and social aspects of equine care. It serves as a means to maintain physical health and hygiene, enhance bonding and trust-building, improve performance and physical fitness, and promote psychological well-being. By dedicating time and effort to regular grooming practices, horse owners can contribute significantly to their horse's overall health, happiness, and performance.

In this context, the ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out® emerges as a valuable resource for horse owners seeking to optimize their grooming routines. With their focus on quality ingredients and attention to the horse's well-being, these products elevate the grooming experience. From shampoos and detanglers to liniments and calming sprays, the ShowBarn Secret® line offers specialized solutions tailored to meet specific equine needs.

By embracing grooming as an essential component of equine care and incorporating the ShowBarn Secret® line of products by Draw it Out®, horse owners can ensure the holistic welfare of their equine companions. Together, these grooming practices and high-quality products foster a harmonious and thriving