The Combustible Conundrum and the Non-Flammable Solution: Deciphering the Flammability of Liniments

In the world of equine care, liniments have long been a trusted remedy for sore muscles, inflammation, and injuries in horses. Liniments are topical preparations applied to the horse's skin, and they often contain a combination of essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients known for their therapeutic properties. However, one persistent concern with many liniments is their flammability, which has led to the inclusion of cautionary flammable icons on their labels. In contrast, Draw It Out Liniment stands out as a non-flammable alternative. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the flammability of traditional liniments and why Draw It Out Liniment offers a unique non-flammable solution.

The Flammability Issue in Liniments

Before delving into the unique qualities of Draw It Out Liniment, it's essential to understand why flammability is a concern with many liniment brands. Liniments typically contain volatile compounds like alcohol or acetone, which enhance the absorption of active ingredients through the skin. While these compounds are effective carriers for the liniment's therapeutic properties, they also make the product flammable.

Flammable liniments pose significant safety risks in barns and stables, where the presence of hay, straw, and other combustible materials makes them a potential fire hazard. This risk has led to regulatory requirements for liniment manufacturers to include cautionary flammable icons on their labels. Many horse owners and professionals consider this a considerable drawback, as it limits the safe application of liniments in certain environments.

The Composition of Liniments: The Volatile Culprits

One of the primary reasons for the flammability of many liniments is the presence of volatile solvents, notably alcohol and acetone. These solvents serve multiple purposes in liniments:

Enhanced Absorption: Solvents act as carriers, facilitating the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. They help these therapeutic compounds to permeate deeply, reaching the muscles and joints where they are needed most.

Stabilization: Solvents help maintain the stability and shelf life of liniment formulations by preventing the separation of ingredients.

However, the flip side of using volatile solvents is their propensity to vaporize rapidly and easily catch fire when exposed to an open flame or high heat. This inherent flammability has led to the need for cautionary labels and safety precautions when using traditional liniments.

Essential Oils and Active Ingredients

While essential oils and active ingredients are crucial for the therapeutic efficacy of liniments, some of these substances may also contain flammable components. For example, certain essential oils can be highly volatile and combustible. Therefore, even when the primary solvent is non-flammable, the inclusion of specific essential oils can still make a liniment potentially flammable.

Draw It Out Liniment: A Non-Flammable Solution

Draw It Out Liniment, however, offers a remarkable solution to this flammability issue. This innovative liniment is specially formulated to be non-flammable, setting it apart from the majority of liniment brands on the market. But what makes Draw It Out Liniment non-flammable?

Water-Based Formula: The key to Draw It Out Liniment's non-flammability lies in its water-based formula. Unlike traditional liniments that rely on volatile solvents like alcohol, Draw It Out utilizes water as its primary carrier. Water is non-flammable, making it a safer alternative for both horses and their handlers.

Natural Ingredients: Draw It Out Liniment's composition is based on natural ingredients, such as minerals, aloe vera, and essential oils, which are carefully selected for their therapeutic properties. These ingredients do not contain flammable compounds, ensuring the product's non-flammability.

Effective Absorption: Despite its non-flammable nature, Draw It Out Liniment maintains its effectiveness in aiding the horse's recovery. Its unique formula ensures that the active ingredients penetrate the skin and reach the target muscles and joints.

Benefits of Non-Flammability

The non-flammable nature of Draw It Out Liniment offers several benefits to horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians:

Safety: The primary advantage is safety. Users can apply Draw It Out Liniment in barns and stables without the fear of fire hazards, reducing the risk to both horses and humans.

Versatility: The non-flammable nature allows for more versatile application. It can be safely used in a wider range of settings, including indoor arenas and enclosed spaces.

Peace of Mind: Horse owners can have peace of mind knowing that they are using a product that prioritizes safety without compromising on efficacy.


In a world where flammability is a prevalent concern in liniments for equine care, Draw It Out Liniment emerges as a remarkable and innovative solution. Its non-flammable formula, coupled with its therapeutic effectiveness, sets it apart from the competition. By eliminating the need for cautionary flammable icons on their labels, Draw It Out Liniment not only ensures the safety of horses and their caregivers but also provides a more versatile and user-friendly solution for equine care. In the pursuit of the best care for our beloved horses, Draw It Out Liniment stands as a shining example of innovation and safety in the equine industry.

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