Enhancing Equine Respiratory Health: Unleashing the Exceptional Benefits of Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®


As equestrians, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining optimal respiratory health in our equine companions. The equine respiratory system plays a pivotal role in the overall performance and well-being of horses, making it essential to implement effective strategies for maintaining respiratory function. In this article, we will delve into the significance of proper respiratory care for horses and explore the exceptional benefits of incorporating Breathe to Run, a revolutionary product by Draw it Out®, in promoting equine respiratory health.

The Equine Respiratory System:

The equine respiratory system is a complex and highly efficient apparatus responsible for delivering oxygen to the body, eliminating carbon dioxide, and regulating body temperature. It consists of various structures, including the nostrils, nasal passages, sinuses, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs. Horses have evolved to be exceptional athletes, relying on their respiratory system to meet the high oxygen demands during exercise. However, horses are susceptible to various respiratory issues such as allergies, infections, and performance-related concerns, making respiratory care a top priority for equine enthusiasts.

Proper Respiratory Care:

Quality Air and Ventilation: Maintaining a clean and dust-free environment is crucial for ensuring optimal respiratory health. Horses spend a significant amount of time in their stables, so it is important to ensure proper ventilation and adequate air quality. Good ventilation in stables and riding arenas helps minimize the accumulation of airborne irritants such as dust, mold spores, and ammonia, and promotes fresh air circulation. Installing proper ventilation systems and using fans can aid in reducing respiratory irritants.

Regular Exercise: Engaging horses in regular exercise not only enhances cardiovascular fitness but also aids in improving respiratory function. Exercise helps strengthen the respiratory muscles, including the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, and promotes the expulsion of mucus and debris from the airways. It also enhances lung capacity and oxygen uptake, allowing horses to perform at their best.

Dust Control: Dust is a common respiratory irritant that can negatively impact equine respiratory health. Implementing effective dust control measures such as using dust-free bedding, dampening hay before feeding, and avoiding dusty arenas or fields can significantly reduce the inhalation of irritants. Using low-dust bedding materials such as straw pellets, wood shavings, or rubber mats can help minimize dust exposure.

Proper Hydration: Maintaining adequate hydration levels is essential for optimal respiratory health. Horses should have access to clean, fresh water at all times to facilitate proper mucus production and hydration of airway linings. Dehydration can lead to thickened mucus, making it difficult for horses to clear their airways effectively. In addition to providing water, offering electrolyte supplements during hot and strenuous activities can help maintain hydration balance.

Veterinary Care and Vaccinations: Regular veterinary check-ups, including vaccinations, are vital for identifying and preventing respiratory issues. Vaccinations against common equine respiratory pathogens such as equine influenza and equine herpesvirus can help protect horses from respiratory infections. Regular dental examinations are also important, as dental problems can contribute to respiratory issues if they affect proper chewing and digestion of food.

Breathe to Run by Draw it Out®: Unleashing the Exceptional Benefits

Breathe to Run, a breakthrough product developed by Draw it Out®, has revolutionized the field of equine respiratory care. This innovative solution offers exceptional benefits for horses, helping to support their respiratory health and overall performance. Let's explore the key advantages of incorporating Breathe to Run into your equine care regimen:

Natural Ingredients: Breathe to Run is formulated using all-natural ingredients, carefully selected for their respiratory-supporting properties. These ingredients, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and honey, work synergistically to maintain clear airways, reduce mucus production, and soothe respiratory tissues. The natural formulation ensures a gentle and safe approach to promoting respiratory health without harsh chemicals or artificial additives.

Airway Lubrication: The unique blend of natural ingredients in Breathe to Run helps lubricate the airways, promoting smooth airflow and minimizing airway constriction. This aids in reducing respiratory resistance and enhancing oxygen uptake during exercise. When the airways are well-lubricated, horses can breathe more freely, leading to improved respiratory efficiency and overall performance.

Mucus Control: Excessive mucus production can impede optimal respiratory function. Breathe to Run supports healthy mucus balance, helping to prevent the accumulation of mucus in the airways and facilitating its efficient clearance. The natural ingredients in Breathe to Run work together to promote thinning and clearance of excess mucus, allowing horses to breathe more easily and reducing the risk of respiratory issues.

Performance Enhancement: By improving respiratory function and airway clearance, Breathe to Run plays a pivotal role in enhancing equine performance. Horses can breathe more freely, resulting in increased stamina, endurance, and overall athletic capabilities. When horses can maintain optimal oxygenation during exercise, they experience less fatigue and recover more quickly, leading to improved performance outcomes in various equestrian disciplines.

Easy Administration: Breathe to Run is available in a convenient liquid form, making it easy to administer orally. The product can be easily incorporated into daily feeding routines, ensuring hassle-free and consistent usage. Simply follow the recommended dosage instructions provided by Draw it Out®, and gradually introduce Breathe to Run into your horse's routine to allow them to acclimate to the taste and smell of the product.


Maintaining proper respiratory health is crucial for the well-being and performance of horses. By implementing strategies such as ensuring quality air, regular exercise, dust control, hydration, and veterinary care, equestrians can significantly support equine respiratory function. Moreover, incorporating Breathe to Run by Draw it Out® into an equine care regimen provides exceptional benefits, including enhanced airway lubrication, mucus control, and overall performance improvement. With Breathe to Run, horse owners can unleash the true potential of their equine partners, promoting optimal respiratory health and achieving peak performance in various equestrian disciplines. Invest in the respiratory well-being of your horse and witness the transformative impact of Breathe to Run on their performance, vitality, and longevity. Your horse deserves nothing less than the best respiratory care available, and Breathe to Run delivers just that.

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