Quality & Safety


Trust and quality are staple beliefs here at DiO. We don’t create anything that we don’t thoroughly research and test. All of our products are designed to work quickly efficiently and as safely as possible. In today’s marketplace you will see a lot of “claims” which usually amount to no more than misinformation tactics by unscrupulous individuals or companies. It is all too common to see comparisons made that usually don’t tell the whole story or even blatantly lie. We don’t do that here. We have one goal: Help you care for your horse.

All of our products are lab tested and backed by a satisfaction guarantee which means if you’re not happy we’ll do everything we can to make it right. It is more than just your money back it is a promise to make sure you are as satisfied as possible. If you have been a customer of ours long you know that we have had several instances when we have delayed or even disposed of batches all together because they don’t meet our rigorous quality standards. What we put our name on isn’t just another product and we would rather have nothing on the shelf rather than a substandard product. Our products are tried and tested to ensure quality and effectiveness. Our proprietary blends are meticulously crafted to ensure absorption rates and effectiveness. This means we just don’t slap a number on our bottles for impressions when most of the ingredients listed will be wasted.  In the horse care market, we don't believe there is competition amongst companies or products, we should all have the same goal in mind, your horse's health  While we can't speak for the focus of other companies, we can plainly say that we are interested in caring for your horses not profits.


Our proprietary blends consist of ingredients that provide support to one another and not just one “main” component. Each ingredient is researched and added based on a number of factors but mainly its effectiveness. Our ratios are calculated on batch procedures to ensure that they are maximally effective and minimally excessive. Often companies will tout large quantities of ingredients that end up passed in the urine or otherwise left unused by the body. While we do keep our amount of each of our ingredients as a trade secret, be sure that we have done the legwork to ensure our products are of the utmost quality.


Safety is another top priority for DiO. We don’t create unsafe products. Occasionally, some people can experience redness from our products. This is because we formulate our products to closely mimic the Ph level of horse’s skin. Their skin and ours are completely different meaning they need different products. Our products are formulated with these district differences in mind. Our focus is caring for your horses. It is also worth noting that our new PLUS line contains a substantial amount of arnica which increase blood flow and can result in the reddening of skin as well. By no means does this constitute a safety concern, it is just illustrating the difference between products designed for horses and those with no real focus.

Our balanced approach also allows for safe usage under pads, boots, wraps, ceramics, magnetics and a list of other therapeutic products.To surmise we use natural, lab tested and high quality ingredients in all of our products. This includes our full spectrum, THC free CBD in our new botanical blend to ensure quality and effectiveness.

Our products are more than just a singular ingredient they are a synergistic blend of ingredients that provide the best possible combination to combat pain and swelling. When shopping for a company to help you care for your horse remember the words of Benjamin Franklin. 

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

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