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DiO Dealer Spotlight Erin Howard - Draw It Out East Coast

My name is Erin Howard and I am a dealer for DiO.  I am a fourth generation horseman and I live in Pennsylvania on our family farm.  I am quite possibly DiO’s biggest fan and customer! I am a first grade teacher but my favorite job is selling and marketing DiO through my business Draw It Out East Coast.

As a young child I showed western pleasure, horsemanship, and occasionally hunt seat classes.  It wasn’t long before I found barrel racing and never looked back into the show arena. As an adult I was fortunate enough to get an education on how to ride cowhorses.  I have competed in team penning and ranch sorted for 10 years all over the east coast. Along with barrel racing, my fiance and I enjoy team penning and ranch sorting. On our farm we usually have a wide variety of horses in and out.  We board, train, give lessons, and enjoy riding our personal horses.

Learning how to doctor and take care of horses has been a passion of mine from early on.  I come from a long line of family that buy and sell horses, so to say that I have seen a ton of ailments and remedies is putting it lightly.  Being a barrel racer and more specifically a barrel racer who likes to rodeo I cannot be without a product like DiO. Rodeo ground is usually less than desirable and can take a toll on their legs and back.  After every hard work out or run my horses legs get some form of DiO to relieve pain or heat. When penning and sorting our horses are used on and off for an entire day. Penning and sorting horses are asked to work extremely hard for 60 seconds during several runs in a day.  I find it absolutely imperative that we cold hose legs and apply DiO at the end of a show day.

Why DiO?  First and foremost as a horse owner who wants the best for their horse and operates on a budget, DiO is affordable.  Probably one of the best things I tell customers about DiO is that you will never have to fear burning a horse’s leg from this product.  As a barrel racer, I have tried just about every type of liniment and poultice on the market and a few that would be considered home remedies, and I haven’t found any that compare to DiODiO is second to none when comparing results, ease of use, lack of odor, and zero risk of burn. I can remember going to weeknight jackpots just a few years ago, running my horse, slapping on as much white pasty poultice as I could and heading home. Inevitably the next morning I would be up at the crack of dawn stressing about washing it all off before work.  Those days are long over for me, now we DiO and forget it basically.

I have a passion for taking care of horses and specifically with this product.  I love hearing success stories, seeing pictures of customers animals, and helping others to take the best care of their equine athletes.  I truly believe using DiO can lessen your vet bills and visits.

I am your average barrel racer with your average horse, what isn’t average about us is how I choose to take care of her.  

Thanks for taking the time to read my story, please check out my facebook page, Draw It Out East Coast.

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