DiO Announces Free DiO Dog Liniment with Every DiO Horse Liniment purchase through December 31st

All-natural formula provides chemical-free fast and effective reduction of pain and swelling

Logan, UT ~ November 20th, 2019

DiO announces the gift of a free 4 oz bottle of DiO Dog Liniment with every DiO Horse Liniment order purchased online at drawliniment.com - now through December 31st. The dog liniment heads off and alleviates pain in muscles and joints and decreases inflammation and swelling resulting from arthritis, overwork, minor injuries, and other recurrent conditions.

“The free DiO Dog product is a holiday appreciation gift to thank our new and long-time DiO Horse Liniment customers. We know many of our customers are dog moms and dads that may enjoy the product to help give their older dogs relief from their painful arthritis,” notes Jon Conklin, DiO CEO.

“It’s also great to use for dogs that may experience soreness during work such as military working dogs, police dogs, competitive agility dogs, hunting dogs, and ranch dogs that herd cattle and sheep,” continues Conklin.

DiO Dog harnesses the anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties of over 170+ all-natural minerals infused in a deep penetrating epsom salts formula. The product provides chemical-free fast and effective reduction of swelling and pain. It contains no carriers, and the gentle formula doesn't tingle, heat, or cool when applied so dogs won't get irritated or try to lick the application area.

“This spray is great! My black lab is very active and his paws seem to bother him sometimes. After a few sprays, he is back to normal! I noticed it also helped his allergies & his bad habit of paw licking to decline!! This in itself made it worth it for me - my poor puppy gets allergies very badly. I gave some to my mom who’s dog tore her ACL and she said she noticed huge gains in a matter of days! If your dog has ANY aches or pains, this is the way to go! We will definitely be back.”~ Keaton, drawliniment.com 5 star review

Additional benefits of the Dog DiO are its colorless and scent-free formula. The color-free formula means no staining on white or other light colored dog coats. The DiO has no scent as scented products can irritate dogs due to their keen sense of smell. For instance, many owners can relate to applying a scented product to a dog’s coat followed immediately by the dog rolling and rubbing to get rid of the offensive smell.

“Draw It Out has really helped my OEB, Emerson, with muscle fatigue that he developed as a side effect to a medication that he had to be on. His back legs were shaking pretty terribly. After a few weeks of massaging them with Draw It Out, Emerson’s back legs shake only a TINY bit. What a relief!! He seems to be getting more and more muscle strength and control back, which is fantastic! There is no odor, Emerson and I have NOT had any kind of allergic reactions to the product, and it’s super gentle on our skin!”~ Amanda, drawliniment.com 5 star review

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